Paris Photo Diary
Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Paris Photo Diary

1/ Arc de Triomphe
2/ Walking along Champs-Elysee
3/ The Louvre
4/ Love Locks on Pont des Arts
5/ Beautiful Parisian balconies. In love. 
6/ Views from a hot air balloon over Paris
7 & 8/ Eiffel tower at Midnight. One of my most happiest memories.

Travel is always on my mind. And it is because of moments and memories like these. 

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. Everybody who has been to Paris has an opinion - in particular, that people can be quite rude... it breaks my heart a little bit because I experienced nothing but kindness and love in my trip to Paris. 

I was there for only a weekend, but felt like I belonged! Beautiful in sight, beautiful in mind. I think the best places I have been to always 'make my heart smile' - it's a feeling I get when I'm so overwhelmed it almost feels like my heart is literally smiling. I feel so light and fluffy and want to jump and fly! I had that feeling the entire 48 hours I was in Paris. 

I wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower at night. We'd been up since 6am, had walked all across Paris the entire day with about an hour's rest. It was 12pm, and I ran from the train station to the magnificent Eiffel Tower just in time for it to light up in sparkles at midnight. Beautiful. One of my most favourite memories of my entire existence. I love you, Paris.

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London Photo Diary
Sunday, December 27, 2015

London Photo Diary

1 & 2/ Flying to London!! 
2 & 3/ On route to Buckingham Palace.
3& 4/ Beautiful Borough Market.
5/ Big line for famous.. quail eggs? Fun to watch, but not sure if it was what I had an appetite for! 
6/ My absolutely delicious Pad Thai from Borough Market.
7, 8 & 9/ The most amazing breakfast at Duck and Waffle.

I spent about a week in London in July of 2015. 'Summer'. I'm pretty sure it was just as cold in London as it was when I returned to Sydney winter! Nonetheless, I braved the cold and explored beautiful London - a city of 4 seasons in one day! I'm a big weather-person, and I can definitely see why Londoners are always speaking of the weather - it's difficult to ignore! 

I didn't take a lot of photos on this trip, unfortunately. I lost my 'mojo' with photography earlier this year, but I decided I wanted to document this trip anyhow. 

 There are so many little neighbourhoods in London, each as different from one another and so much happening in each! One of my favourite memories from this trip was bike riding at 10pm when the sun was just setting... 

Breakfast at Duck and Waffle was also incredible. And if you're into the foodie things, definitely check out Borough Market. I went on a Wednesday, so there weren't many vegetarian/ vegan options but I read that on weekends there are plenty more stores (as well as plenty more people!) There is too much to recommend in London - all I'll say is PLAN, PLAN, PLAN for your trip as there is never enough time.

London. I'll be back.
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