Rose & Fitzgerald
Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rose & Fitzgerald

One thing I adore shopping for is home decor. I've only noticed in the past few years how important it is to ensure you love every piece you buy, because it is the environment you emerge yourself in when you have your shield down, and for me, the environment in which I spend the most time.
I came across an independent company named Rose & Fitzgerald that quickly became one of my most favourite stores of all time. The company was founded by a Californian couple named Courtney and Laren. Based in Uganda, where they now live, is where the products are both designed and handmade. And the best part: they hire local artisans to hand-make their items and bring their designs to life. This both increases morale and national income for the country.

I am entirely in love with the collection on Rose & Fitzgerald, and their story, and their code of ethics.

Here are my top picks from their collection:

I am so in love with their designs and the way these pieces compliment each other. These are not on my wishlist, they are on my MUST list.

What are your favourite picks from the Rose & Fitzgerald collection?
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Sweatshop: Dead Cheap Fashion
Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sweatshop: Dead Cheap Fashion

Long time no post.  I vowed to never post anything that leaves me clicking 'Publish' halfheartedly, which explains my absence. 

But I'm back with a post that has sent a fire within me.
Yesterday, Ashton Kutcher shared a link on his website that has sent traffic through the roof for a recent documentary presented by Norwegian newspaper company Aftenposten. 

The documentary is called Sweatshop. 
It entails three teenagers who travel to Cambodia to explore and share the lives of sweatshop workers. The textile factory that allowed their entry is one of the best in Cambodia, and yet conditions are still harsh. Long working days, dealing with heat and humidity with nothing but a fan in the corner. One worker for the company said some days a soldier will watch over them, and if they began to slow down they would be beaten, sometimes until they were unconscious.

The episodes are named by powerful statements said by the three young travelers, that really strike a nerve in demonstrating the struggle these workers face. I urge you to watch this documentary and share it with your friends and your family. Please let the message of this documentary resonate with you. Let's take a stand for the people who are unfortunately in these positions. 

"They really don't ask for much. We have to start somewhere." - Anniken
"The truth is we are rich, because they are poor." - Ludvig

You can watch the full documentary with English subtitles here.

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