Monday, October 21, 2013


(The photo with me pouting was a joke.. Also, I don't have a Minaj, the wind was blowing my dress.)

I can't decide whether I feel like a 5-year-old in this dress or if I feel like, if I were to be one piece of clothing, this would be it. Originally, this Asos daisy dress was midi-length, but being short myself I couldn't pull it off. So it came off. I turned it into a little summer dress that was the easiest thing to put on without a need for accessories for it's already bold print. Unfortunately, it is sold out now, but it does come in maternity, which could be ideal for those with bigger curves. If not, I recommend going one to two sizes down, if you're interested. Paired with simple black flats and my Ray-bans, it felt like summer had already come. 

This past weekend, I organised a family barbeque for my family that I made sure everyone was to attend. It involved summer heat, water fights and so many laughs. Originally, I had planned to do a proper outfit post, but instead the water fight began prematurely and after that I was absolutely drenched. It's funny how on this day, I thought I had a tonne of photos for this post, but looking through them I realised they were family photos, not ones to be shared. Because they're special... and also because you'll be incredibly bored! 
Still, I believe it's these kinds of memories that we remember most in our grey days...
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